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Organize and Share Your Research More Efficiently

Imagine the time you could save if someone in your firm had already done the research you’re about to do and you had access to it. Well, Folder Sharing on Taxnet Pro enables you to tap into previous research amongst other Taxnet Pro users in your organization like never before – with instant access to shared documents from any computer. Researchers are able to save any document from their Taxnet Pro research.

Quick access to relevant information helps you get more accomplished, efficiently. With research folders, you can tag and assign information as you go, so when your research is complete it’s already organized.

Searching Cross-References

Get Started

You decide who can access your folders. Select the folder you want to share and choose Share from the Options menu.
You can also click on the Share icon.   Then simply type in the name of who you’d like to share the folder with, or click the Contacts button to make your selection.

Choose Roles

Folder owners have full administrative control over their shared folders, including defining who has read-only access to documents, and who can contribute to the collection with their documents.

Keep Track of Folder Updates

A New icon alerts the entire team to the most recently added research. The Added By column lets the team know which team member shared the document or snippet.


Helping research teams work smarter and more efficiently

  • Save time – Pick up research projects where you (or your colleagues) left off; quickly expand on saved research by linking directly to related documents
  • Save confusion – tracking tools help keep track of the documents that you have already viewed, making at that much easier to review a collection of foldered documents over time.
  • Share internally – Everyone in the organization can contribute to, and draw from, matter- or issue-specific knowledge bases