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Corporate Tax Centre gathers valuable information from multiple sources and presents it in a way that makes it easy for the Tax Professional to retrieve, saving time and effort and reducing risk of error and omission. Corporate Tax Centre enables tax professionals to accomplish more in less time, increasing productivity, reducing costs and ultimately improving the bottom line while still producing professional results. Whether in industry, professional firms, or government -- find the correct answer, rapidly and with ease. Book a demo

Tools and solutions, along with improved content and features

The Tools and Solutions tab helps you access a broad range of corporate-related tax information with ease and efficiency, helping to speed your research and ensure compliance.

Here’s an overview of the more popular features found at our Tools and Solutions tab. The new and improved content we’ve added recently is more than we can explain right here. You will need to experience these features yourself. 

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  • Tax Rates and Reference Tables (updated monthly): All the key information you need is available and up-to-date, including substantively enacted tax rates, corporate and personal tax rate tables and charts, and withholding tax rates
  • Legislative Developments Tracking Schedule (updated monthly): Highlights all sections of the Income Tax Act and Regulations that have pending amendments (a Québec tax legislation tracking table is also available)
  • Corporate Tax Integration and CCPC Thresholds Calculator: Compute corporate and individual taxes payable in each jurisdiction under different dividend and salary mix scenarios. Also, compute a CCPC’s business limit, expenditure limit, and qualifying income limit
  • Instalment Interest Calculator: Calculate interest due on deficient corporate instalment payments and determine amount of catch-up payments required to offset interest charges accrued to date
  • CCA Guide: Alphabetical list covering the tax treatment of more than 800 capital properties
  • Tax Elections Guide: Covers more than 280 tax elections and designations
  • Corporate Tax Provision Guide: Prepare a tax provision in the Excel® model provided or use for research purposes (a T2 schedule 1 Quick Reference Table outlines more than 150 common taxable income adjustments, with links to related Canada Tax Service commentary and CRA publications)
  • Checklists: Various checklists cover a variety of topics, such as stock options, wind-ups, amalgamations, capital dividends, eligible dividends, and corporate status
  • Corporate and Personal Tax Compliance Calendars: Assists in identifying and meeting the various payments and filing obligations imposed under the Act and Regulations (filing instructions and related penalties are also covered)
  • RRSP Calculator: Calculate the federal and provincial/territorial tax savings that will be realized with respect to a fully deductible RRSP contribution at varied levels of taxable income
  • Other Calculators: Including lease deduction limit, standby charge, and CCA tax shield calculators

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