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Search with confidence knowing Taxnet Pro’s unparalleled content now includes the OECD Collection. It’s less searching – and more finding.

Place your order to add OECD Materials to your Taxnet Pro subscription today by simply completing the order form below. Ordering online is:
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Select the products you would like to subscribe to and the number of users who require access:
 ProductNumber of UsersSubscription Price  
OECD Tax Package (includes Transfer Pricing Guidelines, Model Tax Convention and Selected Council Recommendations)
OECD Transfer Pricing Guidelines
OECD Model Tax Convention
OECD Selected Council Recommendations
OECD Economic Country Surveys
OECD Base Erosion & Profit Shifting
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All amounts exclude applicable taxes. All applicable taxes to be billed in invoice.
If you have an existing Taxnet Pro contract, pricing will be prorated according to your existing contract.

Contract Length

Multi-year contracts are NOT available for OECD subscriptions.
OECD, the third-party content provider for these subscriptions, sets the price annually by which all vendors must abide.
As a result, if you have an existing multi-year Taxnet Pro contract currently, please note that a separate account will need to be created for the OECD subscription to limit the contract to one-year.
If you are adding the OECD subscription mid-term to a one-year Taxnet Pro contract, the value of the OECD subscription will be prorated according to your existing contract's renewal date.

Billing Option

If you have an existing Taxnet Pro contract, please note that the billing option of your existing Taxnet Pro contract will not change with the addition of the OECD subscription. The OECD subscription will be aligned to your existing contract's billing option (Annual or Monthly), if applicable.


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